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The Power of Partnership Combining our expertise with customer needs to provide a distinct advantage in achieving mission success.


SAI is a woman and minority-owned premier provider of systems engineering management and advisory services across the Department of Defense and other Federal agencies. We partner with our customers to work toward one objective-- effective, comprehensive system development and tactical mission execution.  On a daily basis, we thrive to help our clients bridge gaps between concepts and technology, discrete procurement stages of program/weapon system acquisition, mission readiness, and sustainment.  SAI’s focus on integrated life cycle engineering management and analytical expertise provides our clients with a source for credible technical communication and informed decision-making. 

Corporate Overview


SAI is expertly skilled in understanding the functions, processes, and interrelationships of all areas of system acquisition including research, development, engineering, materiel and maintenance management, procurement, quality/product assurance, test, operations and sustainment, configuration management, production, and the fiscal/budget cycle. 

Of note, SAI has acquisition experts with technical backgrounds or specialization in technology and product readiness assessments, capability fielding planning, and international or Foreign Military Sales (FMS).   


  • You Come First – Your Vision is Our Mission!

  • We are experienced and efficient

  • We are proactive and responsive


  • Acquisition Systems Engineering

    • Acquisition Program Management Support

      • Technical, Contracting, Logistics, Financial

    • Capability Fielding/Technology & Operational Readiness Planning

      • Technology Maturity/Readiness Assessments

      • Product Development Management Support

      • Fielding Support, Tools, Planning Products and Training

      • Technology Planning

    • Integrated Logistics Support

    • Studies and Analysis

  • Foreign Military Sales

    • Technical Assistance

    • Case Planning, Implementation and Execution Management

    • Case Reconciliation and Closure Support

    • P&A/LOA and End-to-End FMS Process Training

  • Management Consulting:

    • Strategic Planning/ Communications

    • Organizational and Leadership Development

    • Business Process Improvement

Service Solutions


Working at SAI

SAI is committed to employee development and recognition.  From new hire orientation to Senior Partner development plans, we ensure that employees possess the skills they need to be successful, both now and in the future.  Employees are encouraged to participate in continuing education and external professional development programs.  SAI distributes awards to recognize employee performance.


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Strategic Alliance, Inc.

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El Segundo, CA 90245

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